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Software Product Services

Conduct Business Operations in the manner you see fit with custom software solutions Reduce Operational Costs and Increase Efficiency

Software Development Services

Digital Transformation that gives a competitive edge and improves overall efficiencies

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Give your customers a powerful and hard-to-forget experience of discovering your products and services with 3D.

Cloud Solution Service

Cloud Solutions Enabling Business Resilience, Enhanced Business Value, and Reinvented Networks

Extended Reality

Virtual reality apps and Augmented reality software give your customer an immersive experience as they explore your product.

Video Games Services

Create games that manifest your imagination by combining stunning design with great sounds-effects

About Locent Technology

Software Product Development Agency

Locent Technology is an endless road to innovation, creating cutting-edge digital and immersive solutions for small, medium, and big companies.


Using art and technology to solve problems of the next billion


To be globally recognized for building groundbreaking interactive products

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End-to-End Software Solutions

From the research phase to software delivery and product post-production support, we've created the ideal framework for your success.

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