We will provide you with faultless expertise at every stage of the product life cycle.

Business Roadmap Development

Planning a long term view of your digital product, preparing a growth strategy and significant objectives

Prototype & MVP Development

Create Prototypes to gather feedback and choose the best, thus continuing to build a minimal viable product to be tested in the market or presented to investors

Full Cycle Product Development

Helping you at each stage of product development, from ideating to scaling

Product Support

Continued support aftermarket entry with regular improvements

Special Services for Startups

Trusted Technology Partner for Ambitious Startups

Financial Model Development

Financial Models built with end-user in mind

Business Plan Development

A business plan complete with market analysis and competition analysis, audience overview, market strategy, financial plan, and project ROI

Pitch Deck Development

presentation with an overview of your business

MVP Development

Creating the minimal viable product to test in the market or to pitch to investors

Full Product Development

Everything from initiation to release

Innovation Consulting Services

Processes and Ideas to improve business operations

Why do Startups like working with Locent Technology?

We bring a wealth of experience, technical knowledge, and a passion for innovation to make your product a reality.

Idea Enrichment

Reviewing and polishing ideas to create an extraordinary product that delivers on your business objectives

Business Outlook

Evaluating how the market will receive your product in its current state and improving it


Innovative Disruption to give you a competitive edge


Ensuring that your Intellectual Property stays legally protected