Render A 3d Experience To Your Customer With Extended Reality Services


Virtual reality apps and Augmented reality software give your customer an immersive experience as they explore your product.

Virtual Reality

Creating an immersive experience for customers as the gap between data and physical word melts away

Augmented Reality

Powerful experiential experience within the user’s device

Mixed Reality

Blending physical and digital spaces

Benefits of XR for business

Create lifelike immersive experiences for your customers and train your team through simulated conditions for better clarity

Customers can visualize and interact with the product to get a feel of it.

Companies can simulate risky work environments to give new trainees a walkthrough of the operations, which minimizes mistakes when the trainee joins the actual workstation.

Teams can work on projects remotely without distance becoming an obstacle.

Extended Reality Services

Delight customers with immersive technology and train staff with greater precision


Conducting Feasibility studies and testing proof of concept

AR/VR/MR Content Creation

Creating powerful immersive experiences for your customers

AR App Development

Augment reality apps for every business need, from instructional manuals to mall navigation

VR App Development

Create simulations for products and processes

MR App Development

Combining augment and virtual reality to give the customer a feel of the product in their surroundings

360 Degree

Introduce 360-degree videos and images to empower customers when they make decisions

Interactive Apps Portfolio

Discover how we helped companies reach their goals with interactive apps

Explore Our Portfolio
  • E-Learning Platform For Schools
  • Real-Time 3D kitchen Design App
  • Golf Simulation Platform For Sports

Know our tech stack

Gamified and interactive software solutions to drive engagement

  • 3D Engine
    • unity
    • PlayCanvas
    • Babylon.js
    • three.js
  • Desktop & Standalone VR
    • Steam VR
    • HTC Vive
    • Oculus VR
    • Windows Mixed Reality
  • Mobile VR
    • Google VR
  • Mobile AR
    • Apple ARKit
    • Google ARCore
    • Vuforia
    • 8th Wall


We address your most important questions and tiniest doubts about our services.

Extended Reality is a term used to describe those technologies that merge the physical and virtual world to create immersive experiences for the user.

Extended Reality is beneficial for business in the following ways
  • It facilitates a better customer experience as the immersive experience helps develop an emotional connection
  • It drives customer engagement as customers get to visualize the product
  • It is convenient as people can access and visualize a product from the comfort of their homes which influences their [urchsidsng decisions
  • It eliminates the scope of error and mistakes by training individuals in simulated environments.